Truck Accident Attorneys in El Paso, TX

As a shortage of certified semi-truck drivers becomes more acute, more and more accidents occur every year. Trucking companies are hiring drivers with less experience for difficult routes. They are hiring older drivers who are close to retirement age or already retired, to fill in as qualified drivers are harder and harder to find. Older drivers have a slower response time, tire more easily and often have difficulty seeing at night.

Driver shortages combined with poorly-maintained vehicles make for dangerous driving conditions on the roads. Add in severe weather and accidents and fatalities spike dramatically. If you have been injured in an accident with a truck, you should contact an attorney who is experienced in investigating and litigating against trucking companies.

Their insurance company adjusters are aggressive and will try to force you into a settlement at a time when you may not know the full extent of your injuries or whether they are permanent. If you are represented by an attorney, the adjusters must contact your attorney. We recommend that you reach out to us as soon as possible after an accident.

Truck Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Trucks, or 18-wheelers, can cause serious injuries to passengers when an accident occurs. Trucks traveling at high speeds with fully-loaded trailers cannot stop quickly. They must allow enough room between vehicles and adjust their driving to account for the road conditions.

When accidents happen, victims can be left with life-long injuries and permanent pain and suffering. We can help you obtain compensation so you can afford the care you need and the make any accommodations to your existing home. You are entitled to compensation if you have sustained:

  • Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries: In almost every case, these kinds of injuries are serious, life-altering and permanent. You’ll need long-term care and perhaps live-in medical assistance.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Injury to your spinal cord can cause paralysis in some or all of your limbs and other parts of your body. Medical care and rehabilitation is expensive and you’ll probably need it permanently.
  • Broken or fractured bones: Even though breaks and fractures heal, it is not always possible for them to heal perfectly. As a result, some people have unequal-length limbs that cause painful limping and lead to other, long-term medical problems. Others have internal scarring that cause chronic pain.
  • Lost limbs: Losing a limb is a devastating injury. Victims experience a range of painful symptoms at the site where the limb was amputated including sores, a feeling that the full limb remains and difficulty fitting a comfortable prosthesis.
  • Injuries to your neck, back and spine: While extremely painful and often permanent, these injuries don’t often show up on x-rays. For this reason, insurance companies tend to dismiss them and fight these claims vigorously. To you and to us they are real and debilitating.

An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

Trucking accidents are complex. Determining which insurance companies should be providing coverage and investigating how the accident happened, is even more complex. Don’t risk your ability to take care of your family and your medical needs by working with an inexperienced attorney.

We have handled some of the most complicated and largest trucking accident cases in the nation. Contact or call us at 915-206-2828 to understand what your rights are and which compensation you are entitled to.