Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites pose some of the greatest dangers to the health and safety of workers, pedestrians, and delivery vehicles. While many contractors do take proper precautions and follow safety rules and regulations, many do not. And, as expected, they not only run afoul of inspectors and regulators, they put workers and the public at risk for catastrophic and widespread injury.

Don’t Let Anyone Bully You Out of What’s Rightfully Yours

When accidents happen on a job site, employers or contractors are usually either quick to offer support or quick to intimidate you into not reporting it. Often workers who try to assert their rights under the law are harassed or threatened with termination if they try to report an accident or injury.

Additionally, the insurance companies involved will all try to deny any responsibility to pay for medical care, lost wages or pain and suffering. Before talking with any insurance company representative, contact our office to understand your rights and obligations. The insurance companies will try to get you to admit that the accident is your fault or that you did something wrong.

Some employers refuse to train employees on proper operation of equipment or what to do in the event of an on-site emergency. As a result, an employee may inadvertently contribute to or cause an accident. However, if the employer failed to train you or trained you improperly, you cannot be held fully responsible. The employer has an obligation to train you on proper operation of equipment you use.

Construction Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

When employers are negligent, we see serious construction site accidents that cause permanent injury or death like:

  • Scaffolding that collapses because it was not assembled properly
  • Misuse of ladders or using unsafe ones
  • Falls through unsafe flooring
  • Defective equipment and machinery failures
  • Improperly guarded machines or machines where the employer removes the safety guard
  • Electrocution
  • Exposure to toxic fumes and chemicals
  • Vehicle accidents and pedestrian accidents

Know That Third Parties Can Be Held Liable, Too

If another contractor on your job site is the one who caused your accident and injuries, you may have the ability to seek compensation from that contractor. This compensation comes through third-party claims, which enables you to get more comprehensive damages on top of what you would otherwise only receive through workers’ compensation benefits.

Get Knowledgeable Advice on Your Rights

If you are injured on a construction site, you need expert legal advice from an experienced construction accident attorney. Contact us or call 915-206-2828 to arrange a consultation and to protect your rights.