2.5 Million Awarded To Auto Mechanic Due To Tire Explosion

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Chinese Manufacturer, U.S. Seller Liable for Strict Product Liability, Negligence and Breached Warranties

El Paso, Texas      El Paso, Texas based law firm, Scherr Legate, was contacted by attorney Chuck Halbert out of West Helena, AR, regarding a mechanic who suffered serious injuries to his head, neck, back and shoulders while attempting to mount a light duty truck tire. Mike Snyder, a local automotive mechanic in West Helena, successfully mounted the first tire, but as he was in the process of mounting a second tire, the tire exploded. The force of the tire explosion was compared to that of a stick of dynamite exploding. Synder had to be airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Memphis, TN. for the treatment of his injuries. Tire Explosion Victim


The tire was sent to Dennis Carlson, a tire expert and registered professional mechanical engineer, for a forensic examination. Carlson concluded that the tire had multiple defects, including an outdated multi-strand weftless tire bead that was too tight and was defectively designed. The tire manufactured by Chinese based company QINGDAO XIYIGMAN DOUBLE CAMEL TYRE CO. LTD, and sold in the United States by Arkansas based Elaine Petroleum under the label “Pac Star.” On October 25, 2018, Scherr Legate firm partners, Joseph G. Isaac and Sam J. Legate, with Chuck Halbert obtained a $2.5 Million jury verdict for Synder against the Chinese tire manufacturer and the seller Elaine Petroleum based on strict products liability, negligence and breached warranties. The Jury verdict was unanimous. 

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