Workplace Accidents

Many serious injuries and fatal accidents occur within the work place. Under Texas Law in many circumstances, the injured worker or victim’s surviving spouse, children (minor or adult), parents, and heirs may be entitled to compensation for the injury or death. Some injuries in the workplace include Construction claims, such as electrocution, falls, excavation, collapsing structures. Workers Compensation, Responsible Third Party, and Nonsubscriber Claim.

In Texas, some work related injuries or deaths fall under Texas workers compensation laws. In these instances, workers compensation benefits are given to the dependents of the decedent and then the family of the decedent is prevented from filing a law suit against the employer. However, in these instances it is always a good idea to look for potential responsible third parties including making sure that the employer is actually the one paying the person’s pay check and controlling the work environment. Often an independent contractor, subcontractor, or other responsible third party may be responsible for the injury or death of the worker. In cases such as these a law suit can be brought forth against the responsible third party to obtain money compensation from the responsible third party. If the employer does not have worker compensation insurance, the injured worker or family of the worker can file suit directly against the employer for the accidental injury or death.